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    So long had life together been that once
    the snow began to fall, it seemed unending;
    that, lest the flakes should make her eyelids wince,
    I’d shield them with my hand, and they, pretending
    not to believe that cherishing of eyes,
    would beat against my palm like butterflies.

    So alien had all novelty become
    that sleep’s entanglements would put to shame
    whatever depths the analysts might plumb;
    that when my lips blew out the candle flame,
    her lips, fluttering from my shoulder, sought
    to join my own, without another thought.

    So long had life together been that she
    and I, with our joint shadows, had composed
    a double door, a door which, even if we
    were lost in work or sleep, was always closed;
    somehow its halves were split and we went right
    through them into the future, into night.

    — Six Years Later, Joseph Brodsky
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    Vajdahunyad Castle - Budapest - Hungary (von Éole)


  8. "This is the wind, the wind in a field of corn.
    Great crowds are fleeing from a major disaster
    Down the long valleys, the green swaying wadis,
    Down through the beautiful catastrophe of wind."
    — James Fenton
  9. tru as d blu sky

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    Sagrada Familia - Barcelona - Spain (von Kenny Teo (zoompict))